let's get to know each other

My name is Lela

I am a part-time lifestyle portrait photographer living in Live Oak, Florida. I have been on a bit of a break due to COVID; but will be picking up the camera again starting Fall 2022. I'd love to hear from you!

where it all got started.....

I have always loved photography, well before I ever wanted to be a professional photographer. I know, everyone says that don't they? Well it's the truth. I used to take sheets and hang them up as backdrops and force my brothers and sister to pose for me.

When I had children of my own is really when the love flourished for them and for capturing every moment. I was lucky enough to photograph one of my brother's weddings, and I just have never really stopped!

a little more about me.....

I was born & raised in the North Central Florida area and am currently living in Live Oak. I am the oldest of six kids and the mother of five and grandma to two young boys. I have a mad passion for cooking the very best low-carb meals I can for me and my family. I have dabbled in all sorts of different creative outlets during COVID, and even purchased a Cricut, but I always gravitate back to photography....my one true creative love.

my style.....

is definitely more candid than posed, so if you love capturing your loves exactly as you are, then we were made for each other. I like to sit back and want you interact with the ones that hold the key to your heart while gentle guiding you through the session. My editing style can change from warm and cozy to bright and crisp, it always is around my mood or the feel of the session at the time. I like to make you look and feel your best, so I do fix blemishes at no additional cost. I provide my clients with two versions of the same image, one in color and also in black & white, because let's face it-black * white images are just the best. If I seem like a good fit for you, let's chat.

random fun facts.....

I am a bit of an introvert and a hopeless weirdo.

I love the Cranberries & Cake.

Our family pet is a Bunny, named Bun Bun.

I hate tomatoes. I love potatoes.

I am a hopeless romantic.